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Casino Games and Online Pokies for New Zealand Players

Players who are looking to play casino games online will be impressed with the offering of game variations. Each online casino will house some of the best games online, which can include pokies, table and card games, and video poker, games that feature progressive jackpots and even specialty games. Here, players will learn a bit about these different games.

Online Pokies

Online pokies are by far the most popular games for players who are from New Zealand. With these games, players who have never gambled in the past can easily get started. Online pokies are the easiest games to play in any casino setting and these games are capable of offering some of the most impressive real money payouts. With online pokies, players will have three different types of games to choose from. There are standard pokies, which are traditional games that feature three reels of action and have between one and five paylines. These are the simplest form of the game and are preferred by new players.

Video pokies are the most popular games and these usually offer an attractive theme. With these pokie games, players will enjoy great graphics and animations and there are anywhere from 9 to 100 paylines in play. Most video pokies have a five reel layout and the games offer more symbols for more winning combinations. With video pokies, players will have the benefit of wilds, scatters and bonus rounds, all of which can greatly boost payouts so the games are more enjoyable.

The final type of pokie online is the progressive jackpot game. This is one that offers regular game payouts as well as the chance to win a huge progressive amount. Most progressive pokies will require players to place a maximum bet to be eligible, but there are also games that offer a random progressive jackpot, where any wager can be placed and players will be eligible for a payout following any spin on the game. Progressive pokies should be avoided by new players until they have increased their bankroll. While these games can offer amazing payouts, they are also very costly.

Progressive Jackpots

When people visit a casino, whether online or on land, they will often be drawn to the games that feature progressive payouts. These payouts are usually the largest in the entire casino and when it comes to online games, players will find jackpots that will offer millions in rewards. Progressive games are very exciting and since they can offer a life altering payout, they are among the most popular games in any casino. However, progressive games are also known to have poor payouts for the regular game. In many cases, such as with pokies, the progressive games do not pay as much as a regular game when a winning combination is created. Despite this, many players prefer to take their chances at winning the huge payouts over the smaller rewards with a non-progressive game.

Games that offer a progressive jackpot are also more expensive to play. For progressive pokies, players will find that they have to place maximum bet to be eligible for the jackpot payout. This can make the game too expensive for some players. However, players will still have the ability to select a coin denomination, so it may be better to play for a low denomination so that the max bet can be placed. While most people think of pokies when they hear of a progressive jackpot game, there are also many other games that offer these jackpots.

Some online casinos will have progressive table games, like Blackjack, Roulette and Caribbean Stud. When playing these games, a side net is placed to be eligible. There are also a number of video poker games that offer the chance to win a progressive, so there are many opportunities for players who are looking for that large payout.

Video Poker

Almost every online casino that offers real money and free games will present players with variations of video poker. This game is one of the most popular in any online casino and players will find that the game offers the best chances of winning. This is because video poker offers the lowest house edge in any casino. With this information, players can search out a full pay game and have the great advantage of being able to boost their bankroll with some impressive payouts.

Video poker is an easy game to learn, but experienced players will want to use some strategies. These can be developed over time and will benefit players as they play more games of video poker. The goal of the game is to create the best ranking five card poker hand. The game is played alone and players will not compete against others or the dealer. This is why it is a popular game. Many players who enjoy the game of poker do not like the action of the tables, so this is a great alternative. There are many variations of video poker that are offered online and most are based on the standard rules of Jacks or Better. Some games even offer the chance to win a progressive payout.

To keep up with demand, the leading software providers have developed multi-hand video poker games. With these, players can play anywhere from 1 to 100 hands at the same time, offering more chances to win. Multi-hand video poker is available in different variations, but it is a costly game as a bet must be placed on all hands that are in play. However, the games are very rewarding and players will find that they will win on multiple hands in a single game when choosing to play these variations online.


Blackjack is a casino classic that has been enjoyed for many years. There are no online casinos that are operating that will not offer at least the standard game of blackjack. This basic game is played with others and the goal is to beat the value of the dealer hand without going over the value of 21. With blackjack, there are many options that are allowed, such as splitting and doubling down, though not all variations will support these functions. Online blackjack is played just like blackjack in a land casino and players will find that most leading NZ sites will have 10 or more variations that can be played for real money.

The game variations each have some different rules, but they can easily be mastered. The key to being successful is learning basic strategies before playing for real money. This can be done by making use of free blackjack games, whereon wagers are placed. With these, players can take their time in learning rules of different variants and developing strategies that will improve their game.

Like video poker, blackjack is available in a single or multi-hand variation and casinos that offer Playtech and Microgaming software will also have live dealer blackjack games. These are the most exciting online because they are played in real time and are simulcast from a land casino. This presents players with the feeling of sitting in the casino playing along. Blackjack can also be enjoyed in tournaments and there are many sites that offer amazing events with huge prize pools. Online blackjack is one of the top choices for many players and it is considered the classic table game of any casino.


Online roulette is another great table game that can be found online. This game is a bit more complex than other games and players will have to take some time to learn the playing area. This is where bets are placed. There are many different bets allowed, each with different odds and payouts. Once bets are placed, a wheel will spin and a ball will drop into a spot, declaring the winning number of the game. There are three basic versions of roulette found online. The most popular are European and American roulette, but there is also French roulette, which is the same as European roulette but all betting options are listed in French.

Aside from playing these standard formats of roulette, some online casinos also have games that feature a progressive jackpot. To win this, players will have to place a side bet and the same number must be called for multiple times in a row. This is a difficult progressive to win, so many players will pass on the side bets. Just like online blackjack, there is also live dealer roulette. These games attract the most attention because they offer the most realistic games possible. Live dealer roulette is played following the same rules as standard online roulette.

The best online casinos that cater to NZ players will always offer some free roulette games. These are great for beginners who are still learning the rules and how to bet on the game. Once the basics are mastered in the free version, players can start placing wagers and collecting some impressive payouts from this casino classic. Online roulette can be found at all leading online casinos and this is one of the most popular and exciting table games next to Craps.

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